Student Expectations

Dear Parents and Students:

To maintain our reputation for excellence, we have created admissions criteria that ensure our incoming students are of the highest quality. Our final decision is therefore based on a holistic evaluation of each applicant’s academic record, their extracurricular interests and their character. Since all instruction is conducted in English, it is assumed that all applicants are able to communicate fluently in English. We evaluate students based on their performance in the following categories:

Transcripts / Report Cards

Each student is required to submit their current plus previous two years reports when relevant. These report cards are examined not only for the grades earned, but also the comments that are made from quarter to quarter.

Letters of Recommandation

The letter of recommendation serves as a means to understand how the student is perceived in a social setting as well as how the teacher perceives the student in terms of future academic performance. A successful KIS applicant will have letters that show them to be in strong academic standing, free from developmental concerns and an active member of the school’s student body.

KIS Interview and Testing

The formal interview and testing are designed not only to measure the student’s current ability but how they will respond under the extra scrutiny of an objective evaluator. The interview additional is a time when the student is able to share their personal thoughts, ideas and concepts towards education. This should be taken as a serious aspect of the evaluation. Successful candidates should be dressed in proper attire, be punctual and show personal self-discipline through out the entire evaluation process. When a student is either accepted or rejected for admissions at KIS, it is based on all of the above mentioned factors. No single factor will guarantee or preclude a student from acceptance.