Q1 Can students transfer between campuses?

Yes, KIS students can transfer between campuses without any additional payment or process.

Q2 How many students will be in each class?

We currently have around 15 students in a class.

Q3 What kind of extra-curricular activities do you offer at Seoul Campus?

KIS Seoul Campus is offering After School Clubs two times a year for a ten week session. They will be offered Tuesday through Friday each week and run from to 3:15 p.m to 4:30 p.m. afterschool. After School Clubs begins in Pre-Kindergarten run by KIS teachers and qualified outside professionals.

Q4 What are the teacher’s qualifications at KIS?

KIS recruit and retain highly qualified teachers, with an average of ten years of teaching experiences. The majority of our teachers hold certification either in U.S or Canada while the remaining teachers hold certification in their home country. Over 65% of KIS teachers hold advanced degrees.

Q5 When is the deadline for completing an application?

We encourage parents to complete the application process as early as possible. Students may be admitted to KIS and enrolled at any time during the school year if a seat is available.

Q6 Do you provide lunch?

Yes, Kizmeal, the official food provider of KIS Seoul Campus provides students a mixture of Western Halal and Asian style meals.

Q7 Do you require testing for PK and JK students?

For young children, a simple assessment will be conducted to determine their readiness for school. The interview will include coloring, playing with puzzles, looking at books and similar activities.

Q8 What special assistance is available to students?

Learning Support and English as an Additional Support are available.

Q9 What transportation is available to students?

KIS Seoul offers door-to-door bus service to areas in Seoul.