Entrance Qualifications

Candidates for admission to KIS must meet at least one of the following four as set forth by the Korean Ministry of Education

  1. A student having one or more parents holding a singular nationality not being South Korean as verified by an Alien Registration Card and Korean Family Registry.

  2.  A student that has lived overseas for no less than 3 years (1,095 days) as verified by the “Entry and Exit Certificate” issued by the Korean immigration department.

  3. A student currently enrolled at an accredited International School in Korea who maintains initial enrollment eligibility.

  4. A student with 6 semesters’ official report cards and a letter of attendance from abroad starting in Grade 1 Elementary year and above.

  5. One or both parents are naturalized Korean citizens whose child is considered to be unable to continue study in the local school system (Grades 1-12), as determined by the deliberation of the school’s Operations Committee, and approved by the Principal of the local school.