Literacy Support Center

Our Literacy Support Center(LSC) enables teachers to collaborate with our Student Support Services Teachers to access additional teaching resources, provide additional assessment tools and work with parents and other stakeholders to design and maintain educational programs for identified students. We strive to provide every child with the tools and solid foundations to become fluent speakers, readers, writers, and listeners. With the addition of the LSC we are able to work toward the below philosophy:


At Korea International School, we respect each student as a unique human being, each possessing individual learning needs. Our faculty and staff are committed to a service delivery model that involves close collaboration with parents and other stakeholders. Within the limits of available resources and within the parameters of the programs established at Korea International School, we will attempt to meet the individual learning needs of each student.

Korea International School does not presume to be able to meet every need for all children. However we will strive to create a learning environment that will foster global citizenship, integrity, adaptability and balance in life. We seek to empower our students by creating a learning environment in which they are actively engaged, participating in an academic program that will enable them to be their best.