Library Highlights

Author & Photographer Richard Sobol – February 13, 2019

Mr. Richard Sobol, a well-known author and photographer, visited KIS Seoul Campus to present his amazing photographs and stories from his unbelievable journeys. His passion for protecting endangered animals truly inspired our students and opened their eyes to a new area.

Richard Sobol

International Storyteller’s visit – October 19, 2018

KIS Seoul students were treated to a unique experience, meeting with 4 international storytellers from 4 different countries! We all had such a fun time listening to many different stories from diverse cultures while learning how to use our body parts to make the storytelling more interesting.

International storyteller001

Author & illustrator Anne Sibley O’Brien – January 19, 2018

It was a very special day for all KIS members, getting a chance to meet Ms. O’Brien and listening to her mind-blowing stories. Her many years of experience in South Korea affected a majority of her works, and it was very interesting to learn how the people all around the world are the same but different.


Author Rob Lloyd Jones – October 18, 2017

From Ancient Egypt to modern TV show, author Rob Lloyd Jones had millions of stories to engage our students in reading. He shared his own childhood stories about how a little boy who used to despise reading became an author of more than 100 books, and it truly inspired our students.

Author & Storyteller Margaret Read MacDonald – March 16, 2017

KIS Seoul students were presented to a great author and storyteller Margaret Read MacDonald, who is well known with her amazing folktale books. During her story telling session, students were able to stomp, clap, chant, and sneeze while listening to her funny stories from all over the world.

Author & illustrator Yangsook Choi – November 9, 2016

Have you ever written a story with the character that you created yourself?? What problems and challenges did your character have? Where was the story happening? Ms. Yangsook choi, the author of THE NAME JAR, inspired KIS Seoul students to create their own story and shared her passion in both writing and illustrating.

Battle of the books – April 23rd, 2016 / SFS

Seoul Campus students participated in their first ever Battle of the Books (B.O.B.) competition, hosted on Saturday, April 23rd by Seoul Foreign School. During each game, our students worked hard as a team and came up short by only a few questions for the rounds in which we did not win. Although SC’s team wasn’t able to advance, we are very proud of our team’s accomplishments, earning two wins during the round robin!

Author David Greenberg’s visit – February 2nd, 2016

From fun poetry to civil right assembly, David Greenberg engaged our students’ mind to a different literature world. People could hear our students laughing outside of the building during the session! Not to mention that we all fell in love with his great books.

Poet Kenn Nesbitt’s visit – November 25th, 2015

CATS, TV, CARROTS, AND RIDING ON A BIKE. THERE YOU GO. THATS OUR LIST OF EVERYTHING WE LIKE! Who knew that writing poem could be this much fun and easy? Mr. Kenn Nesbitt presented the new level of poem writing and reciting to KIS Seoul students.

Author David M. Schwartz visit – February 12th, 2015

We were treated to a great presenter when we traveled to Pangyo to see author David M. Schwartz. He shared his love of numbers large and small. Mr. Schwartz was a very dynamic speaker who captured the attention and imagination of our students.

David Schwartz

Author & Illustrator Darren Farrell’s visit – December 9th, 2014

“Bedtime ahoy!” “Aw pickles.” Author-illustrator of two amazing books, Darren Farrell visited KIS Seoul Campus and taught our students how to become an author and illustrator.

Darren Farrell's visit001

Author & Illustrator Rosemary Wells visit – April 28th, 2014

The beloved children’s book author Rosemary Wells came to KIS Seoul Campus to show us how she wrote and illustrated her amazing books.

Rosemary Wells

Author Kathleen Krull visit – February 28th, 2014

Author Kathleen Krull, who is well-known for her successful “Lives of…” series, visited KIS and told us about her awesome journey that she had been through to become an author.

빈 문서 1001

Storyteller Clive Pig’s visit – October 17th, 2013

The funniest guy in the world visited KIS Seoul Campus library to tell us many different kinds of stories from all over the world!

Clive Pig

Author/Photographer Nic Bishop – February 26th, 2013

Well-known author and photographer Nic Bishop visited KIS to show us his magnificent photographs and books about mammals and insects.

Nic Bishop001

Author Alan Schroeder- February 1st, 2013

Alan Schroeder is the award-winning author of several biographic picture books. He visited KIS Seoul Campus to tell us how it is like to be a children’s book author and also about his awesome books.

Alan Schroeder001