Expected School Wide Learning Results

Students will Exhibit Citizenship by:

• Modeling ethical, fair, honest and responsible behaviors.
• Demonstrating a positive understanding of self, community and the world.
• Proactively contributing to civic, environmental and social issues.

Students will Communicate Effectively by:

• Practicing active listening skills.
• Processing information and presenting concrete and abstract ideas.
• Demonstrating participation skills and the ability to work collaboratively.

Students will Think Creatively and Reason Critically by:

• Exploring and understanding issues from multiple viewpoints.
• Applying knowledge to real world situations.
• Creating, implementing and self-assessing original ideas.

Students will Utilize Information & Technology Effectively by:

• Accessing information and evaluating its validity and usefulness.
• Demonstrating a sound understanding and use of various technologies.
• Selecting appropriate technologies and resources to plan and produce authentic products.
• Understanding and practicing safe, ethical and legal behaviors related to information and technology.