KIS Curriculum Overview

Parents of KIS Students

Korea International School is committed to preparing students with essential 21st Century knowledge and skills. Our mission is to inspire students with a passion for learning and cultivate their capabilities; self-assurance, initiative, and creativity necessary for success in the global community without compromising cultural and individual uniqueness.

Students at KIS are provided with a world-class curriculum that is based on US standards. Our standards based curriculum articulates the highest levels of learning. At KIS we employ accountability measures using student assessments, which, ensures that each child meets the expectations of an International society. To achieve this goal the crucial ingredient required is a deep level of student understanding, this is obtained through standardized tests to review curriculum content, thus, aligning well-suited learning paths.

Our experienced and highly qualified teachers are dedicated to providing purposeful instructional programs specifically designed to focus on a child’s distinctive academic and creative abilities, as well as social-emotional and physical requirements. Each day the students are encouraged to apply their sound-judgement, logic and reason to real-world situations.

KIS creates a culture of excellence through fostering confidence, leadership, independence, creativity and collaboration.

Our vision is to equip all scholars with the necessary skills and attitudes that will enable them to become effective life-long learners. KIS prepares their students to be responsible, ethical, fair and honest citizens and promotes success and the ability to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world in a positive light.

Since 1972, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) has provided accreditation to schools and universities in the United States, US territories, and Asia. The accreditation process validates the integrity of a school’s educational program and student transcripts enabling our students to transition easily to other schools and to the finest universities around the world. WASC awarded KIS the longest accreditation term possible (6 years) during their last inspection.

In addition to a world class curriculum, our scholars also participate in a wide variety of dynamic and exciting co-curricular programs which include sports, music, drama, Model United Nations, trip excursions, and an array of intramural sports and clubs in our After School Activities and Club Programs.

At KIS students amalgamate academic knowledge within a social context to develop in all areas as they weave their life-tapestry. This process requires family support, aided by student-centered teaching and building of relationships in schools and community. We welcome and embrace family members to visit our learning community and explore how Korea International School works in partnership with families in providing a truly remarkable educational experience for all of our students.