School Bus

KIS is dedicated to student safety at all times.

Bus monitors ride on all buses and supervise students.
Each bus is equipped with safety seatbelts for all passengers.
Bus monitors directly pick up students at designated bus stops.
Students are picked up from a parent/guardian at designated pick up and drop off points.
All students are led by the hand to maintain safety getting on and off buses.

School Bus Schedule

Buses arrive at school at 8:20 a.m. and leave school at 3:10 p.m. for PK-Gr.5.
Children who attend After School Clubs will be bused home at 4:30 p.m.

download-32 School Bus Route     

Bus A

download-32 Garak-dong -> Shinchun-dong -> KIS

Bus B

download-32 Shinchun-dong -> Jamsil Station -> Jamsil-dong -> KIS

Bus C

download-32 Seocho-dong -> Yeoksam-dong -> Dogok-dong -> KIS

Bus D

download-32 Wirye -> Suseo-dong -> Gaepo-dong -> Dogok-dong -> KIS

Bus E

download-32 Sadang-dong -> Seocho-dong -> Woomyun-dong -> Yangjae-dong -> KIS

Bus F

download-32 Hannam-dong -> Shinsa-dong -> Banpo-dong -> KIS

Bus G

download-32 US Army Base -> Itaewon-dong -> KIS

Bus H

download-32 Apgujung-dong -> Chungdam-dong -> Samsung-dong -> Daechi-dong -> KIS

Bus I

download-32 Ichon-dong -> Yongsan-dong -> Hannam-dong -> KIS