Mission, Core Values & ESLR

Mission Statement

The mission of Korea International School is to inspire students with a passion for learning, and to cultivate the competence, self-assurance, initiative, and creativity necessary for success in the global community.

Core Values

Korea International School will create a culture of excellence through modeling our core values of:

  • Global Citizenship
    By developing an appreciation and understanding of world cultures, communities and perspectives.
  • Integrity
    By educating our school community to become ethical, fair, honest and responsible citizens.
  • Adaptability
    By providing a variety of challenging experiences that promote success and the ability to see change in a positive light.
  • Balance in Life
    By nurturing physical, social-emotional, creative and intellectual wellness leading to healthy self-actualization.
  • Empowerment
    By providing opportunities to apply knowledge and skills to real world situations fostering confidence, leadership and responsible risk-taking.

Expected School-wide Learning Results

Korean International School Students will:

  • Exhibit Citizenship by:
    Modeling ethical, fair, honest and responsible behaviors.
    Demonstrating a positive understanding of self, community and the world.
    Proactively contributing to civic, environmental and social issues.
  • Communicate Effectively by:
    Practicing active listening skills.
    Processing information and presenting concrete and abstract ideas.
    Demonstrating participation skills and the ability to work collaboratively.
  • Think Creatively and Reason Critically by:
    Exploring and understanding issues from multiple viewpoints.
    Applying knowledge to real world situations.
    Creating, implementing and self-assessing original ideas.
  • Utilize information & Technology Effectively by:
    Accessing information and evaluating its validity and usefulness.
    Demonstrating a sound understanding and use of various technologies.
    Selecting appropriate technologies and resources to plan and produce authentic products.
    Understanding and practicing safe, ethical and legal behaviors related to information and technology.

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