Message from the Principal

Dear Seoul Campus Families,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to KIS Seoul Campus! Your family will be part of an exceptional learning community. At KIS, you will find a place to grow, a place to connect and a place to belong. Here, each child is known by name and celebrated for the unique talents they bring to our school. We aim to instill in every student a sense of confidence, a yearning for knowledge and a love of learning that extends far beyond their elementary years. KIS is a school of thinkers. On a daily basis, students will be invited to question, explore, discover and reflect upon the learning process. With the latest technology, they will conduct research, communicate ideas and connect as global citizens, under the challenge Design Your Future. And through these experiences, the students learn language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies– amongst other subjects– more broadly and deeply. With intellectual curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skills, your child will be prepared for a rapidly changing future. We live in a world where knowledge is no longer the sole indicator of success. Vast amounts of information are available in less than a second via any search engine. Success belongs to those who know how what to do with their knowledge. The future lies in the hands of KIS students, who are inspired not only to remember important information, but to ask the critical questions, synthesize facts, identify misinformation, and create solutions for global issues that impact humankind.

• Learning is nurtured in a safe and supportive environment.
• Learning is purposeful and relevant.
• Learning is personalized.
• Learning is informed by assessments addressing standards and benchmarks.
• Learning results in the transfer of knowledge and skills to a variety of meaningful contexts.

Our teachers are highly dedicated, well-trained professionals. As a team, we constantly seek research-based and engaging ways to teach young minds. We develop the curriculum so it is relevant, engaging and challenging for each student. We extend areas of strengths, support areas of growth and attend to the emotional, social and physical wellbeing of every learner. This website is just the beginning of our communication. To truly understand and appreciate our school, I invite parents to get involved. Visit our classrooms, talk to our teachers and attend our school events. Parental involvement is a significant factor in student success. We value parent input and active involvement, and look forward to a strong partnership for this school year and beyond.

Welcome to the KIS Seoul Campus family!

Ms. Jennifer Le Varge
Seoul Campus Principal
Korea International School