Message from School Director

Greetings parents and friends of Korea International School, Seoul Campus, I welcome you to a rich and fulfilling experience with Korea International School (KIS) and invite you to become a part of our world-class programs through our Seoul Campus. The Seoul campus was the original school campus and now provides outstanding primary/elementary programs. Overall, KIS provides a broad and balanced environment on both campuses where your children can grow into successful, confident, and influential adults. We are dedicated to helping all of our students achieve their true potentials. KIS is known to many as the best international school in Korea. This well-deserved reputation has been earned through a unique student-centered and visionary program. This is true in both secondary levels and in the elementary years, such as at Seoul, where the educational foundation is built. Students at KIS not only excel in academics, but have a balanced program that allows students to discover their talents and strengths and grow as individuals. This balance results in excellence in all areas including the arts, academics, service, and leadership. This is nurtured through integrated club programs which includes nearly 70 clubs at the high school level, more than 20 clubs in the Middle School, and numerous elementary clubs and the cutting-edge Enrichment Portfolio Project. Our youngest children at both the Pangyo and Seoul campuses are exposed to a rich range of activities which may include music, culture, cooking, service, art, and technology.

At KIS we recognize that success in life requires much more than just academic achievement and development of skills. Our students excel at all levels and many eventually attend top tier universities, but that is not enough; we actively promote character, creativity, and citizenship that will set our students apart for the rest of their lives. Since the founding of the school, a goal of KIS has been to encourage our students to improve the world around them. We know our students will make a difference and we believe in each of them.

We invite you to join our KIS community for the richest time of your life.


Stephen Cathers, School Director