Message from School Director

Welcome to Korea International School!

We are thrilled to welcome you to our dynamic learning community. KIS is known for providing students with a rigorous curriculum that is offered with a high level support to help students successfully achieve their learning goals. What most distinguishes KIS, however, is our commitment to guide students in extending their learning even further beyond our high standards to personalize their experiences and extend interests well beyond the confines of the classroom.

Our ultimate goal is for students to be able to apply their learning and transfer the knowledge and skills they are acquiring through our curricula to new settings where they can solve
authentic problems. We achieve this through unique curricular design, programming experiences, and robust co-curricular offerings to cultivate students’ interests and talents.

As you return to campus for the 2019-20 school year, you will notice many exciting changes in our learning spaces. Purposeful renovations have occurred in each of our buildings to support our unique curricular needs. Students in Grades PK-12 will have opportunity to learn using the Design Thinking process in our new KoLAB and Secondary STEM suites. Our renovated spaces have been designed to promote balance in life and a healthy sense of community with expanded cafeteria, courtyard, fitness center, and indoor multipurpose areas.

Our students continue to exceed our expectations each year by far surpassing standardized achievement levels in Korea and on global measures, but we know that the positive impact our students make throughout their lives will extend well beyond their days at KIS. We also actively promote commitment to globally minded character development, sustainable service, and leadership.

Students and faculty at KIS are motivated to bring their best efforts each day because they are surrounded by high levels of commitment to excellence. Our purpose-driven philosophy toward
education is empowering and helps students make meaning to retain their lessons, experiences, course content, and skill development for a lifetime. Our students and faculty are highly engaged and forward thinking with a constant focus on making the most of our time together at KIS to leave a positive legacy while actively Designing Our Futures.

Looking forward to a wonderful year,

Michelle Quirin, School Director
Tel: 031-789-0507